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Sunroof Repair and Maintenance

Let the sunshine in but ONLY the sun please!! We get many calls from vehicle owners in North West Florida that are having problems with their sunroofs. At Lloyd's Glass we can fix them all!

Things you should know:

  • Sunroofs need maintained and adjusted from time to time like any other mechanical item.
  • Sunroofs aren't sealed to prevent water from coming in at the roof. They actually have a drain system to channel water down the front windshield pillars of the car and drain behind the front wheels. Many people think that they have a windshield leak when it is due to clogged sunroof drain tubes! An easy fix for Lloyd's to handle and while we are at it we will lube and make adjustments to mechanisms so your sunroof works smoothly and seals properly!
  • There are various sunroofs including panoramic, retracting and pop up. Problems vary from leaks to tracks and motor issues. Lloyd's can identify the problem and resolve it efficiently. As do all mechanical items, sunroofs need maintained and adjusted from time to time.
Sunroof Repair
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