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Auto Side Window Replacement

In most cases, a vehicles side window is made of heat strengthened (tempered) glass. When it breaks it shatters completely and may or may not fall completely from the opening. Immediate replacement is important to protect the vehicle from the weather and for security. If your side window cracked without shattering you have what the industry calls "accustical" glass. Found on some of the higher end cars such as BMW this laminated glass is meant to further deaden sound for a quieter interior. We replace those too.

In all cases, Our Lloyd's Certified technicians will:

  • Inspect to determine the reason for the glass failure and advise you of any findings.
  • Remove the door panel to access the operating mechanism and inspect.
  • Vacuum all broken glass from inside the door AND inside the vehicle's interior.
  • Install a new side window properly.
  • Test the window operation, lubricate and adjust.
  • Replace the door panel.
  • Clean the glass thoroughly.
Side Window Replacement

The average side window replacement usually takes less than one hour and can be done via in-shop or convenient mobile service to your home or office.

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