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Headlight Restoration

So your headlights are getting hazy or cloudy? That is very common in Northwest Florida due to our weather with its humidity and high UV levels.

Some facts you might like to know:

  • Headlights are no longer made of glass since it limited the car manufacturers to certain shapes and sizes. As plastics technology advanced, car manufacturers started using polycarbonate headlight lenses. While there are many benefits, one major drawback is that over time oxidation from exposure to the elements changes the physical properties of the headlight lens surface.
  • Restoring headlights to their original clarity improves your vehicle’s appearance but most importantly restores the headlight’s ability to project light properly.

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Our technicians at Lloyd's Glass can handle your headlight restoration and get those lights crystal clear again in 30 minutes or less (per side)!

Headlight Restoration

We charge $30.00 per side which is VERY reasonable considering the results we achieve. No ups or extras based on size, etc. Call today or stop by and see better tonight!

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